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Exhibited at:  2002 - "Chain Reaction" - Eretz Israel Museum, Israel​


Yellow pages jewelry

Why do people need jewelry made out of gold? Why does jewelry have to be expensive?
This question was raised while I was sitting in a jeweler's studio watching him explain to a customer how a piece of gold jewelry in the shape of a fish would move on a necklace.

The customer's response was all he cared about was that the gold piece would be large and heavy.


In answering this question, I first need to explain that in Israel, yellow pages are called golden pages.

I decided to take Israel's golden pages and turn them into pieces of jewelry. These pieces were entered into an exhibit called "Chain Reaction'' at the Eretz Israel Museum. Asked for the value of the pieces by the exhibit insurer, I wrote 15 shekels. Later I found out, the sum was changed to 1,500. The curator explained that there was no insurance for art pieces valued at 15 shekels.

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